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Asli Humor

Asli Shayari

Asli Gyan presents you the A-2-Z information on cell phones and mobile fun.
The smiley codes and useful information just for you!


New to SMS? What is a Smiley or Emoticon?

The smiley was used to add emotions to the text message. If you want to laugh on something, you can use 'hahahaha' but it is not always possible to type, you can use :-D instead. To show your happiness, you can just type :-) and to show your sorrow, use :-((

Smiley are always useful in mobile text messages and online chat. Some chat software converts smiley to emoticons. An Emoticon is a small picture of a face with an emotion.

SMS Smiley codes:
Use these codes to add emotions to your message.

:)         Original smiley
:-)        Classic smiley
;-)        Wink
:-))       Very happy
|-)        Hee-hee
:-D        Laugh loud
:-o        "I'm surprised"
:-O        Shocked!
:^D"      Great! I like it!
:-*        Kiss
>:D<      Welcome, hug, open arms
<3         I love you
:-s        Confusion
:-)        "I'm happy"
;-/        "Confused"
:-(        "Sad face"
{}         No comment
d:)        "Baseball cap "
:-C        Totally unbelievable
:-X        Big wet kiss
:-9        Licking lips
%-)       Confused
*:*        Fuzzy face
:-@       Screaming
:-7        Wry remark
:-p         Sticking out tongue
:-(         Frown
:>          Develish grin
(:-|K-     Dressed to kill
:-||       Angry
::=))      Seeing double
:->        Hey
88-O      Very surprised
8-O        Hypnotized
|:-0        No explanation
#:-)        Hair in a mess
>;-('        I am spitting mad
#-)         Partied all night
:-|          Hmmm
:-&         Tongue-tied, Yakkkhh
(:-...       Heart-broken
%-)         I'm tipsy but happy
#:-o        Oh no!
#:-S       Sweating badly
:-#         My lips are sealed
8-)         Sender wears glasses
:+(         I'm hurt by that
:*)?        Are you drunk?
<:-0        Eeek!
:-e          I'm disappointed
(-:          Sender is left-handed
<:-)        Dumb question
:@          Ouch!
:-(*)       Sick comment
(:-)         Bald
:-//         Frustrated
d:-)         Hats off to your great idea
:-$          Put your money where your mouth is
:-{)         Sender has moustache
|-|          Going to sleep
\o/          Praise the Lord
*<:o)      Clown
:-{)}       Sender has moustache & beard
~#:-(      Bad hair day
:'-( I       am crying
:*) I'       tipsy
:-o         Oh
O:-)        Innocent
&:-)        Sender has curly hair

Other Smiley / Non-Human signs

~o)      Cup of coffee
~D)      Large cup of Coffee
@};-     Rose
%%-     Herbs
:@)       Pig
~o~      Bird
:=8)      Baboon
8^        Chicken
:3-<      Dog
3:-O      Cow
(~~)     Halloween Pumpkin
8-X       Danger Sign

Also See: Mobile Short cuts and acronyms


Asli Info

Do you have any updated information? Any new smiley or shortcut code? PLEASE let me know to update this listing. Please write to me at this page.

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Revised: May 04, 2012
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